How Would You Like To Change the Way You Think And Feel About Food.... And Never Have To Stress About It EVER again?

What Do We Do?
We help high performing men and women lose weight, remove stress, build confidence and take control of their lives.  

Get back the confidence and energy to massively scale your business, improve the quality of your family life and conquer all the things in between. 

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-  Eat What You Want, When You Want
- Drastically Decrease Levels of Stress
-  Eliminate Anxiety
-  Free Up Time and Mental Energy To Focus On Business, Family and Fun
-  Eat On The Go and Still Reach Your Fitness Goals
-  Get The Entire Family Involved In Your Success

Your time is too valuable to try and figure it out on your own.

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Skeptical? Need Proof...?
I don't blame you.
Check out some of the people below that have made the Frameshift part of their lives...

Amber Hardman: 

"I was afraid - absolutely terrified of adding carbs back into my diet. But I did it. And I did it successfully. I didn't gain any weight and I feel so much better. Nothing is off the table for me." 

Steve Bogle

"I spent years spinning my wheels trying every diet with no success. Without real guidance, coupled with extreme restriction, I could never stick to anything long enough to make real, lasting progress. With the guidance and knowledge I've gained at RD, I've changed not only physically, but mentally. I've never had a more positive self-image in my life. The mental clarity that I've gained by removing body image issues has been the catalyst to improve family relationships and overall quality of life. All the while working 24 hour shifts at one of the busiest fire houses in our department. I have no fear of food any longer. I'm in control of my destiny. I know the only thing that stands in the way of progress are the limitations that I put on myself. With RD, I have the tools to make great things happen!"

Christen Fengl: "I am no longer afraid of food. It's been amazing"

"In the past few months I have made more progress than I ever thought was possible."

Dale Cathcart

Emily G: "I have completely gained control over food"

Check out Emil G. and her story about how she gained control over food, got her life back and no longer let's diet dictate her quality of life. 

Jessica Jaynes: "No longer eating herself sick or starving"

"I found a team of people who didn't change change my life, they SAVED my life.....On the peace you find along the road to self acceptance. 

Jodie Ketler
" completely changed my life.

"This has completely changed how I am living my life every day. I have learned to enjoy the simple things in life a lot more. 

I am a personal trainer and this program has changed my opinion on what "progress" is."

Natasha Williams
"...I realized it is so much deeper than losing weight..."

"What I have done in my time with RD is really define my relationship with, really, myself."

Amanda Singer 
"RD isn't about food - it's about quality of life. Food just helps to get us there.".

- Amanda at our last VIP Retreat

Benjamin Deblieck:

When I signed up, my intentions were to use the program as a temporary crutch until I could get back on my own two feet again. Working in Law Enforcement, I realized the physical condition I was in was not only a health concern, but it was a safety concern as well. As the results came, my drive to continue the program intensified. Along with that came a lifestyle change that I easily adapted to. It has been incredibly simple to integrate into not just my own life, but life with my family (including my 4 children and 2 dogs!), life while working nights out of my patrol car as well as continuing to join my coworkers for breakfast every shift!! Following and trusting the process has made me faster, stronger and leaner than I have ever been! I never imagined when I started I would still be with it to this day but the results I have seen, I did not think were possible. I will be forever grateful for the hard work and dedication Relentless Dietetics has shown me.

Dr Marc McCain:
Re-Introduced Carbs - lost 100lbs 

Marc hit triple digit weight loss while eating more than ever and doing less activity then when he started. Quality of life is up (which is GREAT for the entire family!)

Marla Blake
Better relationship with food and family

Marla has changed the way she foods and measures progress/ results. 

Not only has she made the physical changes - but she has found freedom with her food choices. 

Tyler Wall

Erin Rains
Was curious how RD would work for her...

"...My relationship with food has improved and I know how to use it as fuel to reach my different goals."

Nic Peterson: Down 20lbs - Gets To Eat More Food!

"I had eaten may to over 240lbs and, in spite of trying everything... low carb, paleo, backloading, carb cycling, all I really got was....confused. 

Dr Kashey and his Frameshift Method helped me get control, re introduce foods that I love and I am truly grateful for it. 

This is truly a life long process and sustainable progress"

Sara Sheurer: 
No longer prisoner to food.

"In same ways I was formally held prisoner by food... the RD way has made me feel like I have been set free. I feel better than ever"

Jonathan Montgomery

To describe my experience working with Relentless Dietetics as transformative and life changing would be an understatement...

Every measurable metric from health markers, to body composition, to endurance, and strength has improved...

More importantly than that however are things that aren't so easily measured...

My mindset, my relationship with food, my happiness, and quality of life have all seen tremendous changes and ones I can never truly express my gratitude for.